Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too early for chick days?

There's just two, but the second pic was the only close up that was in focus.  These guys are camera hogs.

They hatched out over the past couple of days from one of our broody bantams.  You know how they are... Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night...oh, wait, that's the post office.

I never expected any of the hens to go broody in the middle of winter. In fact, I'd just about given up on having broody hens, period.  Then last year our bantams hatched a couple of broods. One bantam gal even hatched some heavy breed eggs that Little Sis snuck underneath her.  It was too funny to see her leading around chicks as big as she was.

What kind of bantams do we have?  I have no idea!!  They are free range, which means that the new chicks are all mixed breed.  It also means that, right now, with snow on the ground, they are all hanging out and pooping right outside the back door

Anyway, the new little guys are happily peeping in the kitchen and think Little Sis is their mama.  Their real mama hen is still sitting on the nest and can't be bothered with chasing them around.  Besides, it's mega cold and icy outside, and the cats (which have never bothered chicks before) are thinking maybe it's time for a McNugget Happy Meal.


jayedee said...

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night" sounds like my silkies! i have 5 of 'em setting already! gonna be a fluffball explosion around here pretty soon! lol

Country Wife said...

I think ours are a silkie mix. They are the best moms!