Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Storm

We didn't get the 16 inches of snow that was predicted.  Shortly after my last post, the forecast changed to all ice.  Personally, I'd prefer the snow.  We're in for another half inch of ice and 1-3 inches of sleet tonight.  Joy. *rolls eyes*

So we are re-prepping.  I am finishing up the laundry right now.  I hauled yesterday's prep water from the tub to the washing machine; no sense in wasting perfectly clean water, ya know? Now everyone can get hot showers before I refill the tub.

With another half inch of ice on top of what's out there now, I'll be surprised if we still have power tomorrow.  Pleasantly surprised, though. :)


the Goodwife said...

Here too, isn't it grand! ;0P

Country Wife said...

lol. Where's here?

Anonymous said...

While that's very pretty, it's rather ill timed and needs to Go Away Now. Ice is no good!

We've just got wind here, up to 60mph gusts. The house is making some interesting creaking sounds. It's impressive.

the Goodwife said...

Southern Illinois......we got ice and sleet, but we still have power so yeeehaw! ;0)

Country Wife said...

@ Theldara: No kidding! All of Feb is considered Blizzard Season, but we can just about count on a Valentine's Day storm. Great timing. NOT.

We got the wind, too. Holy cow you should've heard the ice and sticks hitting the house last night!

@ Goodwife: Yay for power! lol We (obviously) still have power. I am thrilled!!

Our sleet/freezing rain changed to rain in the middle of the night, then froze, so all of the snow/slush is now solid ice.