Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another rainy morning

Here I am again, and oddly, ahead of schedule. I even laid in bed an extra 15 minutes, listening to the rain and wishing I could stay snuggled under the covers till the sun came out.
The weather has been really strange this spring. We're sort of backward from last spring, when we had a very wet April but a nice May. This year we had a wonderful early April, with warm sunny days, and now here we are with a drab, cold, wet May. I really hope this doesn't mean another cool summer.

A lot of people are already putting out their gardens. Me, I'm waiting till the official last frost date at the end of the month. I never used to pay any attention to that date, but last year we had a major frost just before Memorial Day weekend. I was just lucky I'd been running behind getting stuff out. When I had a smaller garden, it was no big deal to run out and cover things, but now that we're talking nearly 400 tomato plants and a couple hundred peppers, not to mention squash, beans, melons, etc, there's no way all that's going to get covered. So waiting is the best option. The plants are still growing, and are actually hardening off as we speak, but can easily be carried back inside in case of colder nights.
Of course the cold hardy stuff is going out as time allows. I did manage to get a pound and a half of onions planted over the weekend, but I still have more to plant.

I'm still planting seeds like a mad woman, getting the squash, melons, etc all ready to go out. I usually direct seed that stuff, but thought it may be nice to to get a head start on the last frost.

Not much else happening. The most exciting thing lately was this guy showing up in our live trap.
For those of you not from the states, that's a Virginia Opossum, commonly known as a 'possum. This one is huge, probably the size of a cocker spaniel. We let him go, since we're not much for 'possum pot pie.

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