Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Snow Go Away

I am already sick sick sick of snow, and it's not even blizzard season yet! We've had snow daily for over two weeks (feels like a couple of months and NONE of it is melting) at a half-inch to an inch a day. Toss in a snow storm with about four inches, add another two inches today, mix well, and now we have a little over a foot of snow in the field. Sheesh.

Yeah, yeah, I's's with it. :P Doesn't mean I can't whine. It is my blog.

The best cure for winter blahs is a good seed catalog, IMO. Eöl and I have perused the Baker Creek Heirloom catalog for some new goodies for this year's garden.

My issue with Baker Creek is that they don't list the zones for each seed variety, which adds some extra work to selecting seeds, such as cross referencing and other research. When trying to grow a new variety of veggie, planting schedules, days to harvest, zone info, soil requirements, direct seed or start indoors, etc. are all nice to know. They do have some unique seed, though.

I most likely need to narrow my list a bit, anyway. I'm hoping to try my hand at the farmer's market this year, so I'm selecting a few of the more unusual varieties for that, but maybe I got carried away - I have about three pages of seeds I'd like to try. lol

Last year, I had over 120 tomato plants. It was a blight year, so all of the plants didn't produce as much as they would have under better conditions. Still, I think I ended up with enough to last until next harvest, which was the plan. This year, because of the farm market in addition to growing all of our own, I may have closer to 200 or more tomato plants. I suppose the plus side of the uber cold we're having here is that it's more than cold enough to kill any blight spores.

We're extending the garden another 4000 sf, and it looks as if the extra space will be filled up with no trouble.

In other garden news: Ky Wonder Bush Beans. Prolific, but too quick to turn tough on the vine. I think this year we are sticking with Contender.

Um...can you tell I'm hoping for an early spring? lol


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I'm not quite sick of it yet ... but I do find myself looking back at photos of my green grass from the Summer. LOL Hang in there!

Country Wife said...

I hope spring gets here while I can still fit through the door! lol