Sunday, May 10, 2009

Take a gander at this!

Meet the newest additions to our farmstead:

Both are male, but we'll be picking up a couple of lady friends for them soon. First they are getting a bigger pool, which will make them very happy.

A generous friend offered these guys to us because she had too many males and they were fighting over the female.

So the project for last weekend was to build a house for them and a pen. Thanks to DH for the great portable goose house!

I can't wait to get the gals and start raising goslings! We'll be hatching them for meat, down, and arrow feathers, just for starters. For now, the fellows are just fun to watch.

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S Vandemore said...

Congratulations! Fine looking fellows. We started with six some years back and now have twelve I think. Momma just hatched a gosling a couple of days ago, which is surprising, because she is getting rather old.

Enjoy your flock. They are special.