Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden updates

The sweet corn is finally planted! Hooray! I do have some seed left from last year, though, and I may plant that as well. I'm not sure because I've read that the seed doesn't do well if it's old. I will probably put it in the ground anyway just to see what happens. I always have to see things for myself.

This year we planted 1 full pound of sweet corn. The variety is called Kandy Korn, I think. Last year, we put 1/4 lb in the ground, so I fully expect four times the harvest this year. Woot! Also we've gone an extra step to control weeds using newspaper mulch, which will mean bigger stalks and ears as there's little competition for nutrients in the soil.

We have had heavy frosts for two nights now, and are expecting at least patchy light frost tonight.

My job is still going well, though I am exhausted most of the time. Thankfully, I'm working shorter days this week, which may give me an opportunity to catch up with the gardening and several other projects. Since my job is seasonal, I'm hoping to be finished well before harvest. With the amount of things I'm growing this year, I'll most likely be canning full time.

If all goes according to plan **evil laugh**, we'll be putting in our new patio pond this coming holiday weekend. Hooray! I only say new because it's not yet been used. I've had the pond (a hard plastic liner) for about three years now. But the patio wall needs repair before the pond can be put in, and with so many other things to do, it's been low on the priority list. Keep your fingers crossed!

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