Friday, January 23, 2009

The snow! She melts! (finally!)

I think we ended up with more than a foot of white stuff on the ground over the past week or so. It got so packed down that we were walking on it, making the ground seem about 8 inches higher than it should've been. It's really noticeable when you bend over to scoop up chicken food out of the container that now seems way below ground level. Weird.
Finally, it's melting. It didn't all melt, but a lot of it did. I can see the ground in a few spots. But now it's getting cold again, all the melty stuff is re-freezing, and more snow is predicted.
How long till spring??


S Vandemore said...

We have a few patches left here and there from the last little storm -- expecting 2 inches tonight. We haven't gotten anything like you have this winter -- I predict we'll get a doozie sometime in late Feb or March. We need the moisture. That's all the good I can say about it.

Hang in there, Spring's comin'.

Chance said... the January thaw. But it has a dark side. After the thaw comes February Freeze. Our freeze is starting tonight after some balmy 30's. *sniff*