Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forewarned is Forearmed

Back when we lived in the city, we had cable tv. I spent a lot of time watching the weather channel, so if severe weather was predicted, I usually knew about it. If I wasn't watching that particular channel, there were handy warnings popping up on the network channels. Sometimes a neighbor would call and warn me if severe weather were headed our way.

Now that we are in the country and rarely watch tv, we had to find another way to stay abreast of severe weather. It's even more important to know what to expect when you are somewhat isolated and rely on firewood for heat.

Hearing that severe weather is headed our way, we usually bring in extra firewood, make sure we are stocked up on drinking water, and attempt to get everyone bathed in case of power outages. (No power means no water.) I also try to get the housework done: dishes and laundry washed and the rugs vacuumed.

We keep up to date on the weather with a NOAA weather radio. Ours has an alarm that goes off if a warning is issued for our area. The alarm doesn't sound for advisories, though.

We also get emails from If you haven't yet signed up for this handy service, you should; it's free. There have been days that I didn't think to check the weather; it was sunny and calm. Then I get an email to let me know that there's a watch or advisory for our area. They also send emails warning of other things, such as security threats and product recalls.

Speaking of, we are under a winter storm watch for tomorrow. Funny, because I was just saying that we are about due for a big snow. So far, we've had just a couple of inches at a time. Yesterday, we were supposed to have less than an inch, and we ended up with at least three, which at least a start.

The kids are hyped about the snow; Santa brought new sleds for Christmas. DH has been wanting to drag out the sleds almost as much as the kids. Thankfully, he doesn't work tomorrow.

If we actually get some snow, I'll post pics...if the power stays on.


City Mouse said...

Hunker down and bundle up! Stay safe and warm if you end up getting that storm.

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Mouse. Have you had any big snowstorms at your new place yet?

S Vandemore said...

I've been hoping for a big snow, but nothing yet. It's snowing now in Nebraska, but will prob only get 2-3 inches. We need the moisture, has been dry here. Hope you get your sledding weather -- sounds like fun! Have a great weekend.

vamp said...

Okay, time to post those white out pics and sledding kids.

Country Wife said...

Snow, thanks for the good wishes!

Vamp, I'll try to see if some of the nighttime snow pics turned out ok. The snow is so pretty in the moonlight.

We didn't get anywhere near the 10 inches we were promised **mutters: must not make crude comment**, but we did get a nice coating of freezing rain on top of the snow, which makes for great sledding and very poor driving.

This week's forecast calls for more snow, 40+ mph winds, white out conditions, and wind chills well below 0, with the actual temperature ranging from the low single digits to below 0. Brrrr!