Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keep your filthy paws off my ruby slippers!

The economy has finally flattened us like a falling house. Yes, those are my cool stripey stockings and ruby slippers sticking out from underneath. Dorothy, you bitch, keep your paws off my slippers! I may have to hock those!!

Hubby (aka Satan) works in the auto industry. Not the big 3. He works for a Japanese company that makes the majority of its parts here in the U.S. However, they are also feeling the pinch of the economy and have, as a result, cut back production. Which, of course, means we are taking a beating financially. Satan will work only three days a week. We aren't sure for how long.

I was pretty freaked out at the news. I have our budget on a spreadsheet. I can tell you how spending $20 today will affect me in six months. Plugging in the new numbers left me in shock.

I tend to internalize stress. That means I don't whine, but I get sick. My hands shake and I feel like throwing up. That's pretty much how I spent the entire day yesterday.

Then I talked to Satan. He was completely positive about the whole situation. I really didn't give him enough credit there. After all, he makes the money and I manage it. I thought he really had no idea the dire straights we were facing.

So I talked to Biggest Brother. He also reminded me that this can be an opportunity. He's a firm believer in the laws of attraction and positive thinking. He always impresses me with his positive attitude.

I was reminded by Big Sis that she has a job, no bills, and would be happy to help out if need be.

I was reminded by Little Sis that I am, after all, Country Wife, and what the heck is out there that I can't kick its butt?

And here I am now, looking at the 'setback' from a whole new perspective. Yes, it'll be tight. We are, essentially, a single income family (meaning only one parent works), and have been for many years. We've lived on a tight budget for a long time, just so that one of us could be home with the kids. We will get by.

I have skills. I know, you don't see a chainsaw wielding writer very often, but there's a demand. I swear! lol I was, not too long ago, offered a position I could perhaps pursue from home, so I may look into that.

Satan will take this opportunity to help me restock the firewood we've used, as well as get ahead on his inventory of items soon to be available on We'd planned to set up our own website, but at this point, Etsy will be the most affordable option. Look for those items coming soon to your local Country Wife blog. :)

We will learn to live on even less, and hopefully take that with us as Satan returns to full time work. That will mean more money in savings.

How will my life change? How will the new, uber tight budget affect us? Well, for one, we will have to switch to less expensive brands of toiletries. Some of them, anyway.

I will be cooking all of our meals. We've gotten lax lately, or I should say, I have gotten lax, and I've been buying a few convenience items. I awful. But Satan loves frozen pizza, so who I am to tell the man no when it leaves me with the bonus of free time and a clean kitchen? lol

In the future, you can expect to find a few frugal recipes, some frugal tips, and hopefully lots of positive thinking at my country life blog. And if you see Dorothy, kick her butt and get my shoes back, will you?


Erica said...

I have faith that you guys will be just fine, it's amazing how you can swing things............even when you don't think you can cut more, you do. Hang in there :) (((HUGS)))

Chance said...

Ah, that sux so bad. Like Erica, I have complete faith in your ability to stay on balance, and this will be a time when you get the gift of spending more time together. Hang in there!

S Vandemore said...

Reminds me of when we went from two incomes to one a couple of years ago. Wasn't sure how we would do it, but we actually have saved more money by doing without than we did when I was working. I have more time to bake bread, garden, canning, etc..., than when I was 9-5. It will be ok -- trust me. :)

Country Wife said...

Erica, thanks for the vote of confidence!

Chance, you are right, at least we get to spend more time together. It'll be nice to have help with the firewood and other household stuff for a change, too. :)

Snow, I know exactly what you mean. I always said if I had to go to work, we'd spend all the money on fuel oil and food since I wouldn't have time to cut wood and garden. I am SO glad I went overboard and made the garden so big last summer!!

Melanie said...

Sounds familiar; we took an 80% cut in pay last year and I spent a month with a raging fear headache and feeling nauseaous. But we worked it out and have a much better quality of life now than we did then. My biggest fear was one of the Danes would get hurt or ill (big dogs, big vet bills) but they and we continue to be fine. I have faith that such will be for you as well.

But here are some hugs anyway, I know it's scary. (((((HUGS)))))

Kelli said...

I am so sorry to hear about what is going on....but if anyone can be creative enough to get through it, you can:)

I had been working five days a week until this week (granted it was still part-time) but I too look at it as a blessing as well. Even though I love my job, I know this will be my chance to finally get my website, eCrater store, ebay AND Amazon bookstore going. LOL

I am happy you are looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Take care, and if you need anything please feel free to drop me a note:)

Country Wife said...

Melanie, thanks for the encouragement. It is amazing how your quality of life can improve on less money, isn't it? But now that our budget is tight, we are eating better than we have in a while, so I know what you mean. And I'm actually looking forward to the extra time with hubby

Country Wife said...

Kelli, I was just thinking about you guys today! **twilight zone music** Weird, huh? lol It's good to hear from you and glad things are going great for you guys!

vamp said...

*raises glass of grape juice* Here's hoping for new tidings in the new year -- clink --

Country Wife said...

Vamp, thanks! --clink--

Frugal Scholar said...

Love your blog! This is a great post for these bad times. Thanks!

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Frugal Scholar! And welcome to my blog; I hope to hear a lot more from you in the future!