Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is HOW close??!!

I can't believe Christmas is approaching so quickly. It's like a holly laden locomotive barrelling down on me. Help!

At least I am done with most of the major renovations for the year (or what is left of it). We still plan to get our second wood stove installed, which means a bit of work (ripping up linoleum tile and putting in stone flooring under the stove, framing in the skylight where the stove pipe will go, etc).

I am greatly relieved to have Little Sis' room done. Well, mostly done. Her room still needs accessories to match her new horse theme, but those will make nice Christmas gifts, so her room will be officially done after Christmas.

In the process of painting Little Sis' room, I discovered something...bad..about..Adam Ant. Oh, that's so hard to say. The bad news: Ant Music isn't good for painting. See, no one can possibly stand still while listening to Adam Ant. Therefore, paint ends up in places it shouldn't be, splattered and spotted. Oh, well, at least it made the job more fun. ((yeah, yeah, I know, people are probably tired of my Ant obsession...tough!!)

I officially start Christmas shopping tomorrow. I'm one of those people that never buys too far ahead of time. I did manage to do that one year, and discovered it was pretty boring to be done before the holidays even started. I enjoy being out, the people watching, the fully stocked shelves of neat things I've never even heard of, the piped-in Christmas music. I really don't buy a lot, and I will be exhausted when I'm done, but at least one or two trips out during the holidays are a must. I usually avoid the weekend crowds and the major 'door buster' sales, though.

I actually don't have a lot of shopping to do. I need to pick up supplies for some cookies and candies, perhaps some packaging for shipping, ingredients for a tea basket, etc. We are exchanging home baked goodies with some family members via mail, and everyone here at home has asked for practical items.

We'll put up our tree this weekend, write letters to Santa (a family tradition), dance around to silly Christmas carols, drink hot cocoa, and have a great time. Now I just have to find my copy of A Nightmare Before Christmas!

How about you? Are you all ready for the holidays?


S Vandemore said...

Pretty much ready - I did most of what little shopping I had to do on black Friday online. Only way to go in my opinion. Free shipping, shopping in your robe, discounts galore -- can't beat it. I know, not very holiday-like, but I hate shopping so this is what I do. Will need to run to town sometime next week for gift bags and other odds and ends, but not much. Truthfully, I'll be glad when it's over. Too much fuss -- too commercial these days. :( Now, if I could go back to the 1880's....

Country Wife said...

*whistful sigh* Christmas in the 1880's would be so nice! Well, except for the lack of flush toilets and running hot water. How sad is it that I consider those luxuries? lol

By the way, love the new display pic! You are so pretty!

vamp said...

Not ready....I too do baking for the family....we all trade trays.

Haven't even shopped yet either. This week I'll try and get what needs to be gotten.

I too use to shop online, love shopping in my robe. But that was when I couldn't walk (1 surgery a year for the past 3 years on the same darn foot), now I have a little broken toe, and will still try and get out to shop, I think. Never knew how much a little broken toe could hurt.

Hubby and my youngest are going to put up lights outside on this gloomy day today. We still don't have our tree.

We're watching Phantom of The Opera right now and I just said it would be cool to be in the 1800's, except for the plumbing part, lol.

Country Wife said...

Vamp, I hope your toe feels better soon! It's amazing how something so small can be such a big deal, isn't it?

Phantom of the Opera is one of Big Sis' all time faves. She says you have good taste. :)

Chance said...

Not ready at all!!! We did get our tree yesterday by going out and cutting it at the tree farm. But I'm with Snow, back to the 1880s when an orange in yr stocking was a huge gift. The commercial aspect of Christmas is terrible, although I love the candlelight and family time.

Country Wife said...

Chance, right with you on the candlelight and family time! That's what the holidays are all about. :)

Shellmo said...

I'm not ready - but have got the plan down. Buy gifts online and bake some homemade goods for the neighbors and friends. I'm laughing about your Adam Ant Obsession - I just downloaded "Stand and deliver" onto my 80's mix CD.

Country Wife said...

Shellmo, gotta love that song! "throw your safety overboard, and join our insect nation!" :)

S Vandemore said...

OMG - Adam Ant. I can see him prancing around, waving his hands.. too funny. Loved the American Indian war paint/pirate ensemble. Takes me back, I tell you. Is he still around? ps - thanks for the compliment on the pic -- took a long time for me to go there.

Country Wife said...

I think Adam Ant was very Jack Sparrow-ish. lol He's 54 now, can you believe it? Rumor has it a new album is due out this year. I'm not sure if it's old stuff or new stuff, though. I wish I could dance like he did.