Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's project

Some of this is from our garden, and some from a friend's garden. She was sick of canning and had plenty left over. Not a bad trade for a few dozen eggs, huh? lol

The apples aren't very pretty, but there are plenty of them, and plenty more still on the tree. The peeling and cutting up is kind of tedious, but I'm sure we'll appreciate it when we have hot apple pie in the middle of a snowstorm. ;) I've already made a batch of applesauce - my very first!

Today I'll put up the tomatoes, and possibly get a start on the crabapple jelly. I'd better get busy!!!


S Vandemore said...

You are making me feel guilty for not working very hard today! I have a box of tulip bulbs I need to put in before it rains tonight. I didn't get to read all of your posts, but I definitely get back here soon to do so. I'm a hermit myself -- live on 80 acres in eastern Nebraska with my 4 dogs, 3 cats, chickens, geese, guineas, and turkeys. We renovated a 100+ year-old farm house about five years ago -- but it needs some more painting too. I hate painting.

Stop by my blog sometime --

Good luck with your canning -- I'm officially done for this year.

City Mouse said...

Eggs for all those apples?! I'd say that's an awesome trade ... but mostly because I love apples! Bountiful harvest!

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Do you can the apples for the apple pie? Or do you pre-make the apple pies and freeze them?

Country Wife said...

SV, Welcome!! All hermits welcome here! (I'm envious of the 80 acres.)

Mouse, I forgot to note that the apples actually came off of our tree. lol The tomatoes (2 five gallon buckets and two wicker laundry baskets full) came from my friend, as did the big box of peppers.

HBM, I'd wanted to can the apples, but I'm running low on jars and still have a lot of tomatillo salsa to make, so the apples are getting peeled, cut up, and frozen. Some will be dehydrated, too.

Country Wife said...

Hot Belly Mama, I can't remember if I've seen you here before. If not, welcome! And if so, welcome back! ;)

Nicole said...

very nice harvest, you can never have too many apples, do you cook your apples before freezing or are they straight in after they are cut up

Country Wife said...

Welcome, Nicole!! I've actually been to the Blue Mountains! It's beautiful there!!

I just peel and slice them, and freeze them raw. I add a little 'Fruit Fresh' or you can use straight lemon juice (just dip the slices) to keep them from turning brown.