Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not dead, just dead tired

For those of you wondering, I'm still here. Just been uber busy trying to get some work done on the house (pics to come), harvest and process the rest of the garden, pick apples, make applesauce, apple butter, entertain family, cut firewood...I need a nap just from typing all that. lol

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post a real update later this week.


City Mouse said...

There you are! =)

Looking forward to the pics, and enjoy all those apples!

Southern Goddess said...

Hey, you poked your head out from all of the renovations, HARVESTING (insert completely happy for you, but admittedly jealous wink), and family visits). Good for you!!! Really, all of it, I bow down, it's amazing, and remarkable, and such an accomplishment - and you DESERVE all of the credit. ALL of it. How fabulous - you had a goal, and you reached it, and on your OWN, (Sorry, for the caps, just so pleased, in a vicarious sort of way!). Good for you - GOOD FOR YOU! I'm sure there was sweat and tears and everything else, and you did it, nonetheless. YOU DID IT!

Congrats. SG

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Mouse! I'll get the bathroom pics posted soon.

SG, wow, I should hire you as my personal cheerleader! You can follow me around and encourage me to get stuff done. ;) I'm far from done, but getting there..slowly. Thanks for the encouragement!!