Friday, August 15, 2008

Children of the Corn

The sweet corn is done! And by done, I mean picked, shucked, blanched, cut off the friggin' cob 'cause my freezer is almost full, and frozen. Done done done! yay!!

Picking the corn was a lot more fun that I had anticipated. We cracked a lot of jokes. I waved around a cornstalk and yelled, "I think I'm being stalked." Both girls said, "Mom, that's so corny." I said, "I can't hear you, please speak into my ear." *waves ear of corn*

Yeah, lame, I guess, but it was fun. We all giggled and got itchy from the corn. You just can't buy that kind of fun. lol

This doesn't really look like a lot of corn, but it seemed to multiply as it was shucked. lol
I ended up refilling this box four times.
Our corn plot was only about 20 x 30, so this was a pretty good harvest. Especially good when you consider that the whole thing cost me about $4 worth of seed corn, and corn is going for .25 an ear here.
Oh, and of course this doesn't include all those ears we ate as soon as they were ready, as well as the ones the girls were eating while we were harvesting...raw, fresh, right out of the field.

I think we'll at least double our corn plot next year...maybe even triple it. It is a really good return when you realize that you get at least one ear of corn from each kernel you plant. Of course that means I have to get a bigger freezer...


City Mouse said...

Our corn maze just opened here - so I was just thinking that the corn must be on its way. Neat post - the pics are wonderful. There's nothing like fresh corn. Sick of shuckin' yet?

Country Wife said...

We were just talking about building our own corn maze next year.

I got lucky on the shuckin'..the girls love to do that. They also like to sneak and eat as much corn as they can while they do it. lol

Vamp said...

You've been busy, wow, I'm envious of your bounty.

Corn 'round here goes for .50 an ear....tough times.