Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ah, the sounds of berry picking...

..."ouch!" (berry thorn in the arm)
"Yum!" (eating berries)
Buzz..."Ouch!"...Slap! (mosquito)
"mmmmm" (more berry eating)
Buzz..."OW!"...Slap! Slap! (more mosquitoes)
Buzz..."Son of a...!!!" *Wildly waving arms* (Japanese beetle in my hair)

I think we missed the peak of the black raspberry season while we were on vacation, but I got about a gallon today. The blackberries are coming in now, as well, so hopefully I can keep up with those and get them all picked.

I usually freeze them. Big Sis likes to make smoothies with them, but I use most of them for cobbler. There's just something about a warm, fresh, buttery cobbler in the middle of winter, ya know? I'd kind of like to try my hand at blackberry jam if I get enough extra.

Dh was thoughtful enough to cut paths to most of the berry patches for me. I am going to ask him to cut a path through the biggest berry patch (it's at the very least 50x50). Yeah, I could do it myself, but I don't often get to do the whole 'damsel in distress' type thing, so DH likes it when I bat my eyelashes at him and remind him he is so much better with the scythe than I am. (It's true, he is.) Besides, if the sun is out and the mosquitoes aren't, maybe he'll take off his shirt. *le swoon*

And that reminds me...I'm off to find my thighmaster. Sheesh! Having a super hot hubby is a lot of work! lol


Granny Sue said...

Ah, berries! Are yours the tame, thornless ones? We pick the wild variety. I believe that they extract their pound of flesh for every pound of berries, but my are they worth it! Berries will be ripe in our region next week, and I can't wait.

Country Wife said...

Nope, our berries are definitely wild. I usually have to subdue them with a big stick before I can pick any. ;)

I've heard that that the tame berries really have no flavor compared to the wild ones. Personally, I prefer the hardy, free, wild plants over something I'd have to pamper. Besides, it's a good excuse not to mow certain areas. If I see a berry bramble, I let it spread.