Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dark, but no water

Someone asked me recently what we decided to do about the skylights, so I thought maybe I should update my blog.

The skylights have been roofed over. It's dark in here with the lights out, but it's a small price to pay for a dry home.

We've had some major downpours lately. One night it rained so hard that it woke me up, and I patrolled the house checking for leaks. Nada, I can happily report.

Our roof is just too low of a pitch for skylights. We didn't even let the roofer try to caulk them. After thinking over his offer to do so, I thought about all the roofing goop I'd applied over the past few years, and what little success I'd had, and decided to just let him lay some rubber roofing and be done with it.

**lifts wine glass** Here's to no more leaks, no more roofing tar, and never having to be on the roof again unless I want to enjoy the view.


City Mouse said...

A dry house is a happy house - trust me, I know know .., I'm not very happy right now. I know you miss your skylights, but a dry home is a splendid thing indeed.

Country Wife said...

Right you are, Mouse. I think this is the first time since we've lived here that we didn't have at least a tiny drip.