Friday, May 2, 2008


This weekend, I turn 40. The big four-oh. My friends keep asking if I'm upset, shocked, depressed, etc, about hitting 40. I just shrug and say it beats the alternative (ie being dead).

I suppose 40 is a milestone, and maybe a time for reflection, but I don't feel any older than I did this time last year, or the year before. In a way, I'm surprised to look at my birth date and see it happened 40 years ago. In another way, I'm surprised that it happened only 40 years ago.

I feel as if I've lived a lot in just 40 years. Actually, I feel as if I've lived several lifetimes in the past 40 years. Forget past life regression; all I need to do is pull out a photo album. I've been a yuppy, a Martha Mom, a city gal, a model, a goth, a get the idea. Some of those'd never know it was me. I'm pretty sure that until I met DH, I was just wearing someone else's skin.

I don't feel that I'm at a mid-life point. I'm not even sure when that whole midlife crisis stuff is supposed to surface...40? 50? I could be at the middle of my life now, or I could die in a week, or I could live another 100 years. Who knows? I'm hoping for the latter, myself. ;)

I've learned a lot in my life, but the important things are:

*hug your kids/spouse every day

*always speak kindly to those you love

*take time to smile, to walk in the woods, to play with the kids

*never lie, cheat, or steal

*never say something about someone behind their back that you wouldn't say to their face

*never never never speak ill of your spouse or children

*realize that you still have a lot to learn

*as cliche as it sounds: Live, Laugh, Love

So...enough reflection...where's the cake??


City Mouse said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday! I turned 40 last year. Hope you are having an absolutely awesome birthday weekend!

Country Wife said...

Thanks!! I did have a great weekend! Oh, and I got 'carded' buying wine, so I don't feel so old!! lol

jayedee said...

happy birthday!
i hope your day was a great one and that all your dreams come true in the coming year!

reVAMPed said...

Happy Belated Birthday...I haven't been online alot lately, sorry I missed it. 40, WOW! I'll trade you. I'll be 49, FORTY NINE, on June 1st....boohoo.

Country Wife said...

Vamp, no way are you 49!! Wow..I hope to age so well!!