Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a peep show!

My husband is a chick magnet. Chicks love him. He was out today picking up chicks and I went along for the fun of it.

Ok, now that you all have your minds in the

Oh, like I even had any of you homesteaders going for a second! You say 'chick' to a homesteader, and we automatically picture feathers and beaks. lol

These are our little guys from TSC. I am so glad they are carrying peeps in the store again. The bird flu scare had them available 'by order only' for the past three years. A big thank you to Silent Crow for tipping me off on the return of the chicks!!!

We got eight bantams, straight run (that means they could be male or female, they haven't been sorted), of various breeds. I'm anxious to see what they turn out to be. I think at least one of them will be feather footed. yay!

We also got 10 pullets. Well, they called them pullets, but I'd always heard that term in reference to hens under a year old but already laying. *shrugs* Anyway, they were sorted so these are all female, various breeds.

I was surprised that we got such a good deal on the chicks. TSC had them for at least $1 less (each) than some of the hatcheries, and of course we didn't have to worry about shipping costs.

Unfortunately, that was the only thing we got a good deal on. Dog food has gone up over $2 in the past two weeks. I also stopped for a bottle of wine on the way home. That went up more than $3 since the last time I bought some (just a couple of weeks ago). Sheesh!

I have to go look at my cute little peeps now. The girls have been checking on them off and on. Big Sis said she was 'chillin' with her peeps'. lol


City Mouse said...

Awesome! Good looking chicks! I love the little chicky fuzzy feather fur they have when they are babies. Best of luck with the little peepers!

CountryCouture said...

We're in south LA and our sacks of layer feed and scratch also went up $2 each last week...yikes!

Jennifer said...

Glad to see you got your chicks :) I still need to check the local TSC to see when they are due in here...If I can afford any.