Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Eggs

We colored our Easter eggs today. It's a tradition to color a few dozen, then make them into deviled eggs for Easter dinner, or eat them as they are (hard boiled). We never hide them inside, though, just in case one would get lost. Ew! lol

These were actually brown eggs before they were colored. Well, I think a couple of the pointier ones were green to start with, though not quite that shade of green. lol

The basket with the bunny was made by my MIL. Isn't it great? I love baskets, and the ones that she has made for me will be family heirlooms.

I thought the eggs came out nice. I had forgotten one important thing, though: the eggs will hold color better if they are room temperature. I boiled these yesterday and had them in the fridge, so the colors aren't as neat as they were last year. Also, the wax for designs kept peeling off because the eggs were too cold. *rolls eyes* I'll remember next year, I hope. lol

Another tip that we had to learn the hard way (when our hens first started laying): fresh eggs are impossible to peel when boiled. The egg white will come off along with the shell. It's best to let the eggs age in the fridge for a minimum of three days before using them in baking, and I like to let them age at least a week or two before I boil them or use them in angel food cake. I never knew that eggs could be too fresh. lol

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!! We're expecting snow here..again. DH wanted to buy some white eggs and hide them in the snow. lol


reVAMPed said...

Beautiful. Love the basket, what patience to weave that.

Last year, we got all "Martha Stewart" and got some silk ties from Goodwill and cut 'em up and put them around the eggs and wrapped with some white sheets on top and dipped in vinegar solution.

Not gonna do that tonite...I just got a coloring kit for the ease of it all. Call me lazy this year.

Country Wife said...

Wow..those with the silk ties are awesome! We got lazy with ours this year, too. lol

City Mouse said...

Great color! I think maybe the brown in the eggs informs the color and makes it richer. Neato. Cool basket too. Have a happy Easter!