Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Whew..what a year!

Here it is, 2008 by just a few days, and already we've had some weird stuff happen. We broke the record high temp two days ago. A full day of sunshine and glorious temps more suited to late June than early January! Then last night, as the cold front came through, we had a storm with 70!!! mph wind gusts!! A pretty scary thing, when you live in a glass front the woods! So first on our list of projects for this year: storm shutters!

Last year, 2007, was quite a year for us. We got a lot done, homesteading-wise, but there were a lot of monkey wrenches tossed in: Big Sis was VERY ill and had to be rushed to the children's hospital over an hour away (long story, but that's where her pediatrician said to take her ASAP), and of course THAT is when the tornado touched down on our street. It may be difficult to tell from the pic, but that's our power line and pole in the yard! There's also an uprooted tree there on the right.

It was pretty bad, but at least it didn't hit the house. A tree fell on the rabbit pen, but all of the bunnies were unharmed..until freezer camp. ;)

I suppose, even though a lot of bad stuff happened, it all turned out ok. Big Sis is as healthy as ever now, and we have plenty of firewood for next year thanks to the tornado and the other wind storms.

We planted 200 white pines last year, and I have 200 more ordered for this year. We started an orchard, which will be added to on a yearly basis. Fruit trees are the best Mother's Day presents! :)

We worked on the house..a LOT! Once it's done, there'll be before and after photos.

My wish for this year: NO hospitalizations!!!

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