Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An ode to firewood (and my DH)

I finally got a start on the firewood today. I hadn't planned to, but the opportunity was there, and DH sharpened my ax; what more could I ask? :) If I'd known the weather was going to be so nice, I'd have planned to paint.

We were supposed to have storms last night and all day today. What we got was a teensy shower this morning, some heavy clouds till noon, and sunshine and breezy the rest of the day. Yes! Perfect weather for drying laundry on the clothesline and for splitting firewood.

I'd almost forgotten how heavy the sledgehammer is. That's for those logs that just won't split with the ax. You use the sledgehammer and the splitting wedge. My back is sore and so are my wrists, but a hot bath and glass of wine are great for soothing those aching muscles.

Today I was reminded of how lucky I am, as if I'd ever forget. I have a husband that likes chopping wood, and he looks good while doing it, too. ;) He doesn't even complain when I save those stubborn, twisty, knotty logs for him. He can blast them to pieces with one swing of his double edged ax. I can't use that ax...I'm afraid I'll sever my spine. I tend to pull mine back pretty far.

If you've ever split firewood with an ax, you know what a great stress reliever it is. Just picture the face of that person that has been driving you to distraction at work; the guy that cut you off in traffic; the woman that screamed at her baby in the grocery store..and BAM! the wood flies to bits and you feel a little better. 

I think I'll get that glass of wine now. :)

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