Friday, December 11, 2015

Silly goose

So much is going on in the world right now that is frightening.

Bigotry and hate speech are suddenly ok with many.

Well, maybe certain people were ok with that lot all along, but they knew better than to spout that stuff in public.   They knew their coworkers, friends, and relatives would look at them with disdain and disgust.  They knew it was a sign of poor breeding and lower socioeconomic status.

But now, well, there's some idiot trumpeting around like a mad goose, honking all about banning Muslims, deporting Mexicans, making rude comments about women and belittling anyone that dares disagree with his point of view.

This foul fowl is one percent of the one percent, so if he can say it, it must be ok for Joe Trailer Park to spout all this stuff he's thought all along. Now his friends won't realize he was raised by rats in a dumpster, no siree, now that the rich say such things.  In fact, he can soon admit the real reason he's never agreed with the current administration, and it really does have nothing to do with economic policy.

Nope, Joe is a bigot, through and through, but was never vocal.  He kept his rebel flag belt buckle, but he took that stupid sticker off his truck after some woman told him off at a red light. (She was scary.) He had plenty to say with a few drinks in him, but that courage comes cheap and no one respects it.  Now folks will have to listen, have to understand that the reason this country is not as great as it once was...he's not sure exactly when that was or how it was so because too many people are different than him.

Oh, and of course because those different people are probably terrorists.  Terrorists that shoot up, wait, that was a white male.  Terrorists that shoot up theaters.  Oh, wait, also a white male, dressed as the Joker.  Terrorists that shoot up clinics where women seek affordable health care...oh, no, also a white male.

Well, hmmm.

Suddenly, Joe is not so sure about what he doesn't like.  He knows that trumpeting mad goose is going on and on, honking and honking about all these things, but he's realized something:

You can't spot a terrorist, or a mad goose, just because of their color, their religion, nationality, or their gender.

Joe, no longer a small minded bigot, now thinks for himself and is respected by his peers.  He invites them all to Christmas dinner.  He is serving goose.


Lynda D said...

Very Well put!

Country Wife said...

Thanks!! I know the UK is hoping to ban the goose. What does Australia think of him?

Lynda D said...

Other than reporting what the goose says he's largely considered a joke. This is one time that I'm glad voting isn't compulsory in US. There are enough idiots who would vote for him as a joke or in spite.

Country Wife said...

Well said.