Saturday, October 24, 2015

And....she's back!!

After a hiatus, Country Life with Country Wife is back.  I did so much writing for the column, Country Life with Candace, that I really didn't have time to get to blogging in addition to my other writing.  So, if you feel you've missed anything, just search for Country Life with Candace.

I've recently taken a new position as coordinator of a Teaching Garden with a local non-profit.  It's an amazing garden, and a total bonus that I get paid to work there, teach others to garden, and help encourage self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.  If you are curious, you can read a little about it here in my final column.

I'll be back to blogging, and I try to keep up with my Facebook page, so be sure to stop in and give it a "like".

So....what's the weather like where you are?

We've had our first freeze already (around Oct. 16), which came the day after our first frost.  We even had some snow flurries that weekend.  My home garden is done for the season, but the work garden has a nice selection of cole crops still growing strong.

Today is a rainy, windy day, and I feel a bit under the weather, so I'm enjoying a rest and watching the leaves fall.


Lynda D said...

Who knows what the weather is like. I live in Melbourne and we are famous for having four seasons in one day. Thought lately its swings from 30's to 15 and back to 30 and the plants are so confused. Everyone has a cold and its hard to know what to wear. Seriously, we have the air con on one day and the next the heater is on. Ridiculous!
Glad you are back to blogging. Cheers.

Country Wife said...

Wow, your weather sounds just like the weather in Ohio, USA!! Thanks for still being here to read my blogging. :)