Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finally, a quiet morning and free time to look at seed catalogs.

"Oooh, look at that!" exclaims Eöl, "Blue potatoes!  They are blue in the middle!  And purple!  They also have purple!"

This is the man that wouldn't eat pasta sauce made from yellow tomatoes, because, as he so delicately put it, "It looks like dog vomit."

The same man wants blue and purple potatoes, as if he'd ever even take a bite of Barney colored mashed potatoes, or fries that are the color of Smurf.  **rolls eyes**

Still, we spent a pleasant morning perusing the seed catalogs, gazing longingly at pictures of fresh produce, new tomato varieties, and strangely-Frankenstein-like grafted creations.  One was called "ketchup and fries" and somehow grows potatoes and tomatoes from the same plant.  I'm not sure how that's supposed to work, since you can't dig out the potatoes without killing the tomato plant, but it was interesting to imagine.

We've resolved to cut back on the garden size, at least by half.  I had so much just go to waste last year, because I was so busy, and we were gone a lot.  But as we flipped through the pile of accumulated catalogs, I honestly wonder if we will cut back, after all.

I think I have a sickness.

All I can thing about right now is starting plants.  There's been plenty of sun, so I wouldn't need plant lights.  I would, however, have to start them indoors.  It's just too cold outside, even in the greenhouse.  We'd had a mild winter up until this point, but we are making up for it right now, with well-below-zero windchills and temps in the single digits.  Blech.

I would need to take down the Christmas tree.  Yeah, I know, it should already be down, since Christmas was, well, last year.  But the box we store the tree in is full of firewood, and Little Sis really enjoys the twinkle lights, so the tree is still up.  Oh, and we all had the flu and I am lazy, which are the real reasons.

Once the tree is down, I'll have to scrub down one of the folding tables that is currently in the greenhouse.  And I do mean scrub, because I don't want any hitchhiker hatchlings roaming the house, if you get my drift.

In the words of The Oatmeal:

But we know how I am, and I won't be able to stop with just one table of seedlings.

No, I have to cover every available surface.  I'm a sick, sick person.

I even brought up doing the farmers' market, just for a couple of weekends, just to sell plants.

I need help.

I honestly wonder if I have the self-control to cut the garden back.  I don't know.

I honestly don't know....


Lynda D said...

Who is thinking about seeds? Im starving over here!!!!! LOL

Country Wife said...

LOL! I hear ya! But just think of all that delicious, gluten free produce! *sigh* Gone are the days of fresh baked bread for dinner, though. :(