Monday, August 18, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Day 31

Greetings, readers!! Yes, I know I've been out of sight for a while and am failing miserably in my plan to post daily via the Days of Homesteading Happiness.

It's been a crazy month. The weather, for one, has been bizarre. Mother Nature either has PMS or has completely lost her mind. Mid-July, I noticed leaves turning orange. Mid-Effing-July.

The nights have been cool and even the days, and now we are full-fledged into fall. *Glances at calender* Um, yes, it is still August, thank you for noticing. Ergo, I ask of kindly Mother Nature, "WTF???"

Since I last posted, we've traveled, worked, worked some more, and did I mention worked? But life is good and I have no complaints...other than some crud I picked up somewhere, which is now making my head feel as if it's full of cotton. My nose is completely stuffed up and running at the same time. How does that even happen? But I digress! Now, on to another batch of happiness!!

Prepare yourselves!!

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