Saturday, July 12, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Day 19

See this pic? 

I have dozens of similar ones because, as I gear up my camera for a day of work, I snap a photo of the view from my living room to check for settings, lens smudges, and creepy orbs floating in the periphery.  Then, I forget all about that particular shot as I get caught up in the frantic pace of a freelance reporter.  It's not until I download images and flip through them that I see it, catch my breath, and think, "Oh, that's just outside my window."  That's a particularly nice thing to run across on the days I work in editing at the office, and my outdoor view consists of feet and tires.

It's easy to get caught up in the rat race. There are days that I can sit here typing, rushing to meet deadlines, my face lit by the glow of my screen, while just beyond that light lies a world of mystery, mosquitoes, and magic. My computer is, literally, between me and the view pictured above.

I love my job.  I meet exciting people and learn interesting things every single day.  But, there are days that, just being out in the world with traffic, exhaust fumes, lack of the oxford comma, and chaos leaves me feeling tired and stressed.

That's where my homesteading happiness comes in.  A a stroll in the garden, a frenzied-mosquito-smacking-sprint through the woods, or a quiet morning coffee on the patio can revive me and bring me back to my life. My real life. The world of mischievous raccoons, scampering kittens, flickering fireflies, sun-dappled greenery, and mud between my toes.

So, if you notice my Days of Homesteading Happiness come in batches, just remember, it's because I'm out there, in my homesteading world, and not right here in front of the screen.  I'm enjoying those sacred moments to be recorded when I get a chance...or the hoards of mosquitoes become too thick to be outside.

Wishing you all another day of happiness, be it homesteading or otherwise,

Country Wife

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