Wednesday, July 2, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Day 9


Our awesome neighbor called me up the other evening and asked how quickly we could get the incubator fired up.  Her guinea-mamma had hatched some babies and then found better things to do than wait for the slow pokes to peck their way out.

Of course I wasn't home at the time, but Eöl and Little Sis jumped into action when I called.  Little Sis ran over for the eggs and Eöl set up the incubator.

We now have five fluffy keets in the brooder, and are hoping for at least a few more to hatch.

We didn't do a hatch last year, and between predators and silly guinea wanderlust, we were down to two guineas, both male, who decided the attractive ladies at the neighbor's needed their company more than we did. One of those was Ozzie, and original from our first batch of guineas.

Yay for guinea babies, great neighbors, and repopulating Guineadom!

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