Wednesday, June 25, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Day 2

Radishes are one of my favorite happy things in the garden, mostly because they are one of the earliest.  Nothing is better than a freshly picked radish, straight from the ground, rinsed with the hose and devoured right there in the garden.  Radish-breath, however, doesn't fall under the happy list, so we'll skip that part.

An associated bit of happiness is a recent Chipmunk story.  'Munk was helping me water the garden...and water me...and Little Sis...and the cats...and any random garden gnomes that happened along.  The tomato plants got watered mostly by over spray in the Great Nanny Hosing of 2014.  I picked a fresh radish and presented it to 'Munk, who looked at it rather dubiously.  I took a bite and offered it to Chipmunk.  The little tyke took a lick of it, pronounced it "too spicy" and proceeded to express disdain by pointing the hose directly at the offending radish and giving it a good blast.  You probably had to be there, but it was hysterical.

Days like that, with grandbabies in the garden, are the most precious and certainly the happiest.

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pkquilter said...

So much fun to be with grandkids!!!!