Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pics of randomness

 Evidence would indicate our woods are home to the
Mythical Winged Deer
ETA:These are Primrose, for those that have asked.

Blurry, but alive!! I was starting to wonder if the night temps
weren't staying warm enough. Finally, Veggies are germinating!

Weather note: It's been SO BLOODY NICE the past two days. Temps pushing into the 70s F, but windy. Ever so windy. Toto-are-we-in-Kansas kind of windy. Ok, not that bad, but still.

Of course it's not going to last. Tomorrow, warm again but lots of rain, wind, and thunderstorms predicted. (So much for seeing the lunar eclipse.) Then temps dropping to the 20s, cold, and maybe...dare I speak the four letter word??...snow.  *Sigh*

*Softly singing* Someday, my spring will come....

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