Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to Puppet Theater!

Our granddaughter adores puppet shows. Eol got her hooked, and now every time she sees him, she expects a puppet show. Usually, he hides behind a sheet hung between two chairs and brings her stuffed animals to life. He has a talent for that. Even the grown ups love to watch his puppet shows.

Granddaughter just had a birthday, and we thought the best gift for her would be a puppet theater. We looked at the ones available online...yikes they were expensive! So we decided to build one, but it had to be stable enough to keep from tipping over if the little sibling pulled on it, and lightweight enough so that no one would get hurt if it did tip over, and not too expensive.

We considered building one out of pvc. In fact, we were at the hardware store to get pvc when we came across this:

It cost around $14, saved a lot of time compared to the pvc plans, and is even on wheels. Big Sis put it together in about five minutes. Then Eol added this:
Sorry that pic is blurry. It's basically two pvc connectors (one on each side; only one is pictured) and one piece of pvc pipe cut to fit the width of the garment rack. The connectors slide over the side posts of the garment rack to hold the pvc pipe; they rest just about halfway up the rack on the adjustment screws that were part of the rack. In the pic of the rack, that's right about the top of the black side poles. This cross bar forms the top of the curtain that hides the puppeteer.

I had a bit of this lovely purple velvety fabric that someone had given me, which turned out to be exactly the amount I needed to make the curtains. The lace was also something I had on hand. The whole puppet theater ended up costing less than $16, a little time (mostly sewing), and a lot of love.

We bought her some puppets to go with it since I never got around to making any. She LOVED it, and immediately demanded a puppet show. ;)

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