Friday, March 28, 2014

On rainy, windy, stormy days....

The wind is making the living room fireplace insert rattle. It's blowing *that* hard. It's pouring rain, which only started a bit ago. Until then, it was just wind. Which kept me awake when I needed some extra sleep.

Why is it when we need to be up extra early, something will interrupt the much needed sleep? Murphy's law? Someone needs to track down that Murphy guy and make him rescind a few of these silly laws of his. Jerk.

So...a quick update.

I still do not have seeds started. (I know!! Stop yelling!) The nights have been in single digits still, and I wanted to start everything in the greenhouse this year rather than inside. The last greenhouse reading I checked said 95 for a high and 14 for the low. (I love that remote thermometer!)

And speaking of weather...holy cow. It's just starting to warm up a bit. I think the daffodil leaves are just coming up; I haven't really checked. The iris leaves are up a bit. The Lenten Rose hasn't bloomed yet, and neither have the spring beauties or harbingers of spring. Spring, where are you??? Even the peepers have been quiet lately.

That's it for now. I'm off to cover an early morning event, then rush home to get it typed up and turned in. Hopefully with few interruptions here at the house. could happen.

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