Friday, March 21, 2014

Jeepers, Creepers, listen to those Peepers!!

The spring peepers are singing! Hooray!!

We had a lovely, sunny, warm day today, although we woke up to snow covering the ground and falling in big cotton ball sized clumps. The snow melted within the hour and the sun ruled the day.

The buzzards were right on time this year: March 4, like clockwork. I'd hoped to travel to Hinkley, Ohio, to see the flocks of them come in on the 15th, but didn't make it. Someday I will. It has to be amazing to see them come in in whole flocks. I am curious as to how they always manage to arrive on the exact same date each year. I need to research that.

I'd planned to start seeds a few weeks ago, but this year I'm opting for starting them all in the greenhouse rather than indoors, so I had to wait for things to warm up a bit. This will be the first year I've started all the plants out there; I usually start them inside then move then to the greenhouse. It's not heated, but I'll have heat lamps on at night to keep the chill to a minimum.

I hope to post pics and info about this year's seed adventure shortly. But for now, I leave you with the voice of the peepers:

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