Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fear Mongering, or, Why I No Longer Read The News.

We don't have tv.  When we did, the news scared the hell out of me.  We were going to be attacked by terrorists/China/Russia/South Korea/fleas/mosquitoes/stink bugs/carbohydrates.  Every day, there was someone out to get us, something we shouldn't eat, something we should eat, and talking heads telling us life was better anywhere but here.

The print news was just as bad.  Everything was blown out of proportion, bad news made the front page, and worse news made headlines.

So, I stopped watching and reading the news.  I sometimes catch a headline when I check my yahoo mail, or my mom will call with something major that just happened in the news.  Maybe it's not a good thing to be completely oblivious to what is going on in the world, but as a result, I no longer live in fear, or get a migraine from rolling my eyes at what makes news.  Seriously, who cares if Paris Hilton is dating a head of broccoli?  Or was it a head of state?  *shrugs*

I recently attended a PechaKucha event with my friend, Roo, at a coffee shop in town.  It was a LOT of fun, and a bit bizarre in that it was like being on the set of Friends or some other "having fun in a coffee shop" tv show.  There were hors d'oeuvres, gourmet coffee, and beer.  There were poets, businessmen, and musicians.  It was crowded, but everyone was smiling and laughing, having a great time.  Yes, it was just that weird. I loved it!!!

All of the speakers were amazing, but one, in particular, stood out:  a publisher of online news.

News?? Wot???, you ask?

Yes, news, I say.

 I was fascinated as he detailed a media outlet that did *not* pit neighbor against neighbor, but encouraged working together; did *not* dwell upon the blight in an area, but highlighted the efforts in restoration;  did *not* make our entire region sound like the sordid armpit of hell, but a welcoming and "punk rock" place to be.

One may wonder what is in it for him.  Doesn't blood sell papers?  Maybe, but it sure doesn't do much for local commerce and property values, not to mention overall morale.  Positive news not only promotes growth and development, but makes us all feel a little better about humanity as a whole.

I think I will enjoy the news, for the first time ever.  Thanks Richland Source.

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