Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A very long, very random update...

It's been busy lately!  And the lack of internet at my house isn't helping me keep up with blogging.  Little Sis and I are now regulars at the local WiFi places. lol's what I've been up to....

Eöl had some time off for the Fourth of July holiday, so we hit the Country Music Highway again (I don't even like country music, but the highway is pretty cool) and went to TN to visit family.  On the way home, we saw this gorgeous rainbow:

Once were home, we watched the garden grow:
The east garden.
Potatoes on the left.  A closer look at the east garden.


Still growing!!  These plants are HUGE!

The squash patch at the back of the east garden, a few weeks ago.

Same patch, growing fast!!
We harvested onions.  I planted about 6 pounds of onion sets, and got at least 60 pounds of onions.  My  house smells...oniony...
Eöl with the onion harvest.  Yes, he's wearing mosquito gear.

Cleaning and processing onions to be dehydrated.

Dehydrated onions.  Over five pounds of processed onions shrink to fit in a quart jar.

We did some berry picking.

Caught red handed!!
We picked well over a gallon of wild black raspberries.
Then I saw cultivated raspberries were going for $10 a quart  at the local market.
I'm berry rich! 
19 jars of black raspberry jam!!
I'm proud of myself.  I went right to work on the jam, rather than putting the berries in the freezer
until I "get around to it". 
 We've had rain daily for...well....every damned day!  We've battled mosquitoes like mad.  Zoom in on those pics for a view of all those buzzy little beyotches trying to suck my blood!!

Yes, I got poison ivy.  Me, the Poison Ivy Expert.  Oh, well.  It's better now. 

I worked in the flower beds.

 We played with the adorable new farm kittens.

And that about brings us up to date.  Oh, yeah, here's the current situation...flooding.

This afternoon, we had yet *another* big storm.  This one uprooted a tree in our neighbor's yard and took the top off this maple by our driveway.  Thankfully, it fell into the yard and not the driveway, so I didn't have to cut it up in the rain.

Well, there you have it..or..most of it....


Carolyn said...

Kittens! Bellybutton jewelry!! When does the insanity stop?! :)

Glad you've been keeping busy with the gardens. My spring garden was a bust, too many squash bugs to keep up with. Hopefully my fall garden does better.

And WOW, that's a lott'a skeeters. Kind'a freaky looking.

We're like going on a month with no rain and none in sight. I can't take THREE years of a summer drought, I'll just shrivel up and die with the rest of the vegetation.

D.Hausmann said...

Seems like everybody is entitled to a little silliness now and again. Besides no one needs to say anything about your person but you, except maybe your husband, then it's just an opinion

theldara said...

Your mid-life crisis looks well healed :)

Country Wife said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! More updates and garden pics soon! (If the mosquitoes don't carry off my camera...)