Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh brrrrrrrr!!

Just a quick weather note:


What the heck?? I. Am. Freezing.  There's an unseasonably cool front crossing the area.  Cool..what an understatement! Temps will plummet to the 30s tonight.  The forecast is for a low of 36 (Fahrenheit), but with our micro-climate, we  will most likely see temps a bit lower.

This isn't the first cold front to cross the area.  Mother's Day weekend was positively frigid. Temps fell into the 20s and the potatoes got a nasty frostbite.  No worries, they are hardy and recovered quickly.  The onions didn't show any signs of cold, and a few of the trees got their tips frozen, but survived.

It's a hectic day, but I just wanted to notate the cold here on my blog, so that I will remember it when I am wondering WHY everything was planted later than planned.

I shall now return to shivering....

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