Friday, December 28, 2012

Ah...the peace and quiet of the country...or not....

There I was, just drifting off to sleep, when BOOM!!  Wow, that sounded close.  Must be the neighbor, shooting a raccoon, 'possum, fox, coyote, or some other varmint attempting entry to their chicken pen.  No big deal.  This is the country, after all, and gunshots are an every day occurrence.  Not like when we lived in the city, and hearing gunshots required hitting the floor and dialing 911.

I get comfortable again, and BOOM!!  Really???  Ok....must've missed with the first shot.  Then I notice the bright lights in the sky outside my window.  Oh, fireworks!!  Well, that explains the booms.

After a short light show, the fireworks are done and it's back to sleep....until the snowmobiles whiz by.  Again and again, into the wee hours.  Come to think of it, we never see snowmobiles in the daytime.

Finally, sleep.  Then a cold nose in the face lets me know the dog needs to go out.  *sigh*  I put the leash on her, because she may decide to wander off in the snow in search of something tasty, like cat poop, and stand just inside the door, shivering, as I wait for her to find a decent spot to do her business.  It's all snow out there...why is one spot better than another??

While I'm up, I fix the fires, thaw out my freezing feet, and then head back to bed.

Ahhh...sleep at least.  Until....Cock-a-doodle-doo....right under my window.

I wonder if the gunshots will disturb the neighbors??


Carolyn said...

we just traded one noise for the other I suppose. Although it's funny how you mentioned the sound of a gunshot means something TOTALLY different now. Before it was almost it's just "hope he got it".

Sorry to hear about your snowmobile troubles.

Country Wife said...

Our first week here, when the neighbors would shoot...oh my gosh!! It really took some getting used to! lol