Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can it be the holidays already??

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I was working on a post about it, but it vanished when I tried to adjust a pic, so I gave up.  My 'net has a habit of logging me off about every five seconds, so posting has become a royal  pain.  I'd love to change ISPs, but there aren't many options where we live.  Sometimes it works great, but not all that often.

So..yeah..anyway...the holidays.  Can you believe it? Another year nearly gone.  I've posted so little this's just kinda sad.  I am beginning to understand why homesteading bloggers tend to meander off into the sunset, though.

I was so excited to start the homesteading life, and every time I conquered a new homesteading challenge, I had to blog about it or burst.  And by "burst" I mean "yammer non-stop until someone in the house tells me to start a blog or shut up".

Now that the homesteading challenges are just part of the daily grind, it's not as much fun to blog about them.  In fact, now that I know I can do so many things, I just don't feel like doing them.

We're cutting back our chicken flock...again.  It was a bad gardening year all around, and buying corn for so many chickens is just not frugal, so into the freezer (only a pit stop to the canning jar or dehydrator) they go. We have some free ranging (read: finding their own food and then pooping on the porch while they hang around squawking for a handout of corn or kitchen scraps), and some in tractors.  We're cleaning out one tractor and putting the ducks in there, because duck poop is 100 times grosser than chicken poop.  Chicken poop is generally a small pile while duck poop tends to be a huge, gross puddle of nasty splat.  And how can two ducks manage to poop over 100 splats right after I hose down the porch??

I may even be cutting back on the gardening.  Hah.  I say that now, but when planting time comes, I know I'll be walking around, frantically looking for any dirt that is not currently housing a tomato/pepper/melon plant, in which to plant more tomatoes/peppers/melons.

Hmmm...I started this post to talk about the holidays, and obviously got side tracked.  *sigh*  It's early, I've only had one cup of coffee, and I need to go get dressed.  So maybe tomorrow I'll get around to that holiday post...or maybe I'll start another holiday post and talk about something completely unrelated, like ordering seeds.  I'm already getting seed catalogs in the mail!! Merry Christmas to me!!

Oh, there I go again.  Until next time....


Carolyn said...

I loved our ducks (smoked, with an orange glaze), but I hateHateHATED their mess. Only thing keeping me from raising ducks again is their poop and how they can manage to totally muck up a pan of water in 4.3 seconds.

And is it just me, or are the Seed Companies jumping on the Before It's Even Black Friday sales? Stores are coming out with Christmas stuff before Halloween, now seed companies are starting with seeds before my fall gardens are even pulled up!

Although I have to admit, I'd much rather look through seed catalogs than flyers for crappy big screen tv's and personal computers.

Country Wife said...

Two more seed catalogs in yesterday's mail, but I'm in agreement: I'd much rather see those than ads for junk I don't need. Seeds? Needneedneed!!! :)