Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More updates

I should've noted this days ago, but I was busy...and tired...and lazy:

The peepers are peeping!!! They've been getting louder by the day, starting sometime last week, the 8th I think.

The vultures are back in full force.  We saw those two back in the winter months, and now there are flocks of them all over the place.

The trees are budding! There are tiny leaves on the wild roses, the harbinger of spring is flowering, and I'm hoping to find a few spring beauties soon.

Today temps are in the upper 60's and it's sunny, though the forecast had called for rain.  Tomorrow,  72 and sunny, and the rest of the posts for the greenhouse will hopefully be in the ground!

Overall, great weather for March!! We've had our share of wind and rain, but **knocks on wood** no major snowstorms this year, and already sunny and gorgeous and warm!!

I hope to get the garden ready for potatoes and root crops in the next few days and do some outdoor cleaning.  The inside needs it, too, but I want to be outside while the weather is nice.  The inside can wait for a rainy day.

More posts soon, hopefully with pics of my fully repaired greenhouse!


Carolyn Renee said...

Peepers! I can't wait to hear them in the spring! They've been vocal around here for about three weeks now (winter was almost non-existent this year).

Thanks for the 'tater reminder....one more thing I hope to do this week.

Country Wife said...

Three weeks??!! Awesome!!!

Kevin said...

Yep... Three weeks. I'm in roughly the same area as Carolyn and our frogs have been calling alot down at the pond. Normally I try to get some images of them calling but I've been way to busy.

Country Wife said...

I'll be looking for frog pics..hope you get time!

Kevin said...

I can do better than pics. I'll have to send you a link to my youtube account. I have video of them calling. I spent about 2 hours getting footage for the clip and I was wet from the waste up. Finally gave up and came home when I couldn't handle the cold and wet anymore.