Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I need a nap.  I have been so busy lately, and not sleeping my requisite 8 hours per stretch.  Some days, I'm lucky to get four in a row.  I'm tired, it's raining, the house is toasty, and I feel like I could lay in front of the hearth, cat-like and snug.  (More like Garfield than a sleek house cat. Bleh.)

Yesterday, though, I felt so energized.  It was a GORGEOUS day.  The sun was shining; the sky was blue; the birds were singing; and the air smelled of spring and green things.  But it was one of those crazy, hectic days that required running here, there and everywhere, so I didn't get to spend much of it outdoors.

The plastic is on the greenhouse.  It's not quite finished; we are going to add some extensions made of pvc and 2x4's, since the plastic is plenty big enough.  Right now it's 200 sf, but the added space will come close to doubling that.  I'll have room for my potting supplies, a potting table, and so. many. plants. **drooling** The greenhouse is even close enough to the house that I can run an extension cord for heat lamps.

If you could only hear the mania in my voice when I talk about this greenhouse.  Bwahahahah! I'm like some mad scientist with a fresh batch of victims....I  mean experiments...I mean chemicals.  Oh, heck, I don't even have a great analogy for it.  If you are a complete and utter garden maniac, you are probably bouncing around in your seat, yelling, "I know what you meeeaaaannnnn!!!!"  If not, you'll most likely never understand, but you can come by the Farmer's Market and buy your three tomato plants from me, or other maniacs just like me.

I wanted to spend today working in the greenhouse, getting things set up, taking inventory of supplies, and all that fun stuff.  But it's pouring rain, and getting my supplies from the far end of the property and into the greenhouse would be a slick, mud-filled adventure.   Instead, I'm inside, doing the mundane stuff like putting away last year's files and starting new ones for this year.  B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

What's ironic is that I used to love office type work.  For many years, that was my job: Executive Administrative Assistant.  Or: Girl Friday, for those of you old enough to recall that phrase.  Mentally exhausting work, complete with Secretary's Butt... a sort of expansion of the hindquarters, brought on by extended periods of sitting, sitting, and sitting some more. that I think about it...I was thinner muscles...and the butt happened when some sadist put in a vending machine that had Peanut M&Ms.  That bastardo!!

Little Sis was too young to remember my having an office position.  Not long ago, she boggled at the very idea.  "You  had an inside job??" she asked in utter disbelief.  Inside meaning indoors, not some insider trading hoopla, lest there be any confusion.  But yes, I told her, I once worked inside a building, all day long.  She just shook her head as if I'd told her the Easter Bunny was going to deliver pizza in 30 minutes or less.

I guess I should get back to work on these files.  urgh.  Or I could go outside and look at my greenhouse.  Or I could work on my seed list. Yes, I think I will go work on my seed the greenhouse...because I really loathe office work and would rather play in the mud!!  WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!


theldara said...

You should totally grow me some plants in your greenhouse and bring 'em to me ;) I kill anything I attempt to start from seed. I end up going to a local greenhouse and trying to pick things that will grow. Usually half of them survive...

Kevin said...

My seeds finally arrived so it wont be long and I'll be playing in the dirt myself. I have contemplated building small greenhouse, but I know that's not going to happen this year.

Country Wife said...

Theldara: Email me what you'd like, and I'll bring 'em down in the spring. :)

Kevin: You are so far ahead of me! I'm still working on my list.