Sunday, November 13, 2011

Couch Hunting

We haven't owned a couch in ages.   We did have a futon for a while, until it fell apart.  Then we had his and hers chairs and footstools, but really missed the snuggling made possible by a comfy couch.  

I'd planned to use the earnings from my seasonal job to buy a nice couch, but thanks to the earthquake in Japan and our temporary retirement, those earnings were needed for other electricity. *rolls eyes*  Besides, we'd done a bit of couch shopping, and I couldn't find anything I liked.  Not that there aren't a lot of nice sofas available, but I wanted something unique.  Vintage would've been ok, but buying used furniture is too big of a gamble when Ohio is a veritable epicenter of the bedbug population.  

Remember when all the sofas were Naugahyde?  I'm not sure if they stopped making those because of the efforts of the Save The Nauga Foundation or the Foundation For Save The Skin On The Back Of My Thighs.  

Anyway, thanks to my beloved's thoughtfulness, or maybe just the fact that he was tired of being drug (sometimes kicking and screaming) from one furniture store to another, looking for something inexpensive and unusual, Eöl decided to launch his own Couch Hunt. 

This is the story of that exciting adventure:

Here is our Hero, stalking the elusive Sofa Beast.

He spots an entire herd of Sofa Beasts!
He selects the one best suited to his needs, based on age and size....
and the fact it's leaning over the driveway.

As Eöl readies his tools, the Sofa Beast charges unexpectedly!

With lightning fast reflexes...and a sharp chainsaw...our Hero fells the Sofa Beast.

Notoriously hard to kill, this Sofa Beast needs further subduing.

At last, the Beast is field dressed.

The Ritual Skinning of the Sofa Beast:  the hide makes excellent mulch for flower beds.

Properly processed, the Sofa Beast is now ready for trophy mounting.

The sinew of a Sisal Critter has been added for additional strength and comfort.

The finished sofa is inspected by His Royal Barkiness.

lol...I know...I have way too much fun with the mundane.  Though there's nothing mundane about my one of a kind sofa!! WOOT!

The couch was my early anniversary present.  I was going to make cushions for it over the winter since I really didn't have time when Eöl built it.  In the meantime, I opted for using the mattress from our deceased futon.  I kind of like the futon mattress, so I'll just be making a new quilt for the back of the couch.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my couch!!! It is MADE OF AWESOME!!!  It's the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on.  I know better than to lie down on it if I need to stay awake.  I'm out in about three seconds if I stretch out; it's just like a comfy!!

And now, if you'll excuse me, the Couch Beast is trying to creep away, and I must hold it down with my body weight while munching bonbons.


Carolyn Renee said...

That is an AWESOME looking sofa. You can use that to tie yourself up to if there is a tornado warning too!

Country Wife said...

Thanks! LOL! It's really not as heavy as it looks.

Nicole said...

way to go :o) your new lounge is a beauty, i bet is still has that just cut smell [dont ya just lov the smell of fresh timber]. lov that your reusing the old futon mattress

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Nicole! I do love the smell of fresh timber, and it does still smell nice. I love the way the wood creaks a bit from time to time, like an old ship.