Saturday, October 29, 2011

You Might Be A Homesteader If....

You might be a homesteader if...

You've ever put on a jacket and found eggs in your pockets.

You know how many cubic feet are in a cord of wood.

You've ever picked feathers out of your chicken soup.

You've ever taken a bite of something and said, "Is that a bone or a bullet?"

You've ever laughed so hard that you were asked to leave the John Deere store at the mall.

You've ever had chicks in your bathroom (the feathered kind).

The muck on your muck boots is really muck.

You have ever gutted something and then eaten a bowl of chili.

You can identify the plants in your yard, and know at least three uses for each.

You know the difference between straw and hay.

You know that "free range" actually means "chicken poop on the porch".

You know how to pronounce "scythe" (hint: the c is silent).

You've ever given mouth to mouth to a duckling.

You've ever been stalked by a duck.  (Our drake follows Little Sis everywhere, even hiding behind things to stare at her. Weird.)

Got any more??


Carolyn Renee said...

All but three! We don't have ducks, and we don't have a JohnDeere store anywhere around us.

becky3086 said...

If your daughter runs out the door several times each morning to chase the chickens away from the cats food.
If you have 5 dozen eggs in the frig and you just gave 3 dozen away to the neighbor.
If your husband will carry your grocery bags out of the store but won't carry the 50 lb sack of feed around back to the shed for you.
If you jump up at 3 in the morning because you forgot to give the chicks in the brooder water.

Country Wife said...

Carolyn Renee: You'll absolutely laugh till you cry if you ever visit a JohnDeere store. I actually went into the store when I had to go back to the mall with my daughter. I cracked up at the cardboard tractor...and everything else in the store.

Becky: Ah, we've done the catfood thing...I gave up and let them share. I went outside last night at 1 am because I thought I'd forgotten to lock the brooder. :) Good ones!!!