Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the homestead

I have about a dozen posts in progress, but never seem to find time to work on them.  Maybe, with knee recovery and rainy weather, I'll get around to finishing them up.

I still don't have the garden put to bed. In fact, it was just Monday that I got the rutabagas and beets harvested, with Eöl's help.  Then it was on to potatoes.  This was not our best potato year, by a long shot.  Little Sis helped me work on digging those up, until my knee got too painful and I had to give up for the day.  Since then, it's been nothing but rain.

The hardest part of this whole knee crisis is being unable to finish up all the farmstead chores on my own.  Thankfully, harvest is pretty much over, and other than putting the garden to bed and doing that scaffolding project, I can rest my knee and concentrate on physical therapy.

You know, that is something to keep in mind, if you are considering the homesteading lifestyle:  chores go on, even if you can't.

Eöl has been working a lot of overtime, and I'd taken up a lot of the chores he normally did, in order to make life a bit easier for him.  Now the poor guy is still working overtime, and helping me as much as possible.  I feel guilty about that.

Ok, maybe the actual toughest part of this is that I have to say, "I can't."  I am not great at asking for help.  I'm even worse at admitting defeat, especially out loud.

It's probably a direct result of my stubbornness that my knee is so bad.  I just kept going, no matter how bad it hurt.  I had things that needed to be done, so I did them.  I don't give up easily.  My body, however, refuses to keep up with my spirit, so here I am, with my leg propped up and the keyboard in my lap...whining.

Oh dear gawd shoot me if I become one of those whiny women that bursts into tears at the drop of a hat...even if it's a very nice hat.

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Nicole said...

your problem like most woman, myself included, if there's work to be done you just do it cause its gotta be done & you cant put it off or there is twice as much to do & you know how short time is when your busy. im also not very big on asking for help but on the other hand ill stop what im doing to help out someone else & then work in over drive to get my stuff done.
ask for help, cause if you dont your gonna break down :o)