Friday, September 23, 2011


The first fire of the season!  Already?  I can't believe it!  Generally, it's the first week of October before we have a fire going.  But the rain has us all feeling damp and chilly, so a fire was just what we needed to make the house cozy again.

We've been so busy lately that today seems like real down-time.  I'm still in my warm flannel pj pants.  (No, I don't wear them in public.  When did that become acceptable outerwear, anyway?  I even saw a guy in Kroger one day in his bathrobe!  I'm not one for dressing up, but geez, put some pants on before you go to the store!!)  I didn't have to be anywhere this morning, which was a blessed change.  I don't have anyone coming by for any reason today, which is also a wonderful change.  There's no canning to do right away, and it's pouring rain, so no working in the garden either.  I tell you, it feels positively luxurious!

I hope to catch up a few posts here and there over the next few days.  Today, I'm making zucchini bread and putting the last of the zucchini, shredded, in the freezer.  I'm going to sit on the couch and peel ground cherries to put in the dehydrator. Then I'll tidy the house and do some laundry, which will be sure to dry with the fire going.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that!!

Speaking of laundry:  For the person that was wondering if you could get your deer hunting clothes clean in baking soda, the answer if yes!  You can also use white vinegar to rid your laundry of any odors.  The Fels Naptha soap is great for removing odors and stains, as well.  Also, Eöl has discovered that the best scent cover is just to smoke your clothing.  You can just build a small wood fire outside and put the clothes in the smoke.  The longer you leave them, the stronger the smell will be.

I'm tossing in a Michael Franti cd, and headed for the couch to rest my knee (long story) and work on those ground cherries.  More posts soon!

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