Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chatting about the weather

Saturday was hot.  So hot that we had heat index warnings and were sweating just sitting still.  A fitting day for the last weekend of summer.

Sunday rolled in wet and chilly.  Monday was more of the same.  Yesterday, even chillier and wetter. Today, yes, you guessed it: wet and cold.  Ok, it's in the low 60's, but I'm freezing my toes off in here.

I think the damp is the worst part. It's not cold enough to turn on the heat; it's not hot enough to turn on the a/c.  Either of those would help with the dampness indoors.  It's just....well...ick.

Just last week, I'd have loved a rainy day to catch up on inside chores.  I guess I should be careful what I ask for, huh? lol  I am trying to catch up the housework today. Tomorrow, rain or shine, I'll tidy up outside a bit and pick produce to be canned the following day.  (I'm not sure what day it is; it's been a crazy week.)

I know I promised a Bug Out Bag post, and I'm working on it.  I kind of got sidetracked with the canning, the holiday weekend, and this, the most hectic of weeks.

We had a lot of projects we wanted to do over the three day Labor Day weekend.  Instead, we got a lot of resting done.  Eöl and I have been exhausted lately.  He's working overtime, and we have a lot of stuff going on around the farmstead right now, so we both feel that we've been run ragged.  Add the weather, which is perfect for snuggling and sleeping, and you can see how that's about all we accomplished.

In fact, I could use a nap right now. *yawn*

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