Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally. Lunchtime.

Some days, all I want is to crawl into the  hammock and sleep until dark, then crawl into bed and sleep until morning.

Today is one of those days.  I'm exhausted.

It's after 3 pm and I'm just now eating lunch.

My day so far:

Got up at 7:30 a.m., did morning critter chores, took shower, and did two loads of laundry, putting a third in to soak. Had a quick, single cup of coffee with Eöl, then out to run errands. Came home, did last load of laundry, and reheated leftovers for lunch.

The rest of the day:
Harvest onions, Tom Thumb popcorn, Delicata squash, and a few hubbards whose vines have died.  Water western garden.  Mow old goose pen, bag grass, and use to mulch beets...after I weed beet patch.  Sweep porches, tidy up yard.  Process yesterday's cucumbers and peppers.  Make some phone calls (not social).  Take down and fold laundry (I think Little Sis has this one covered for me.) Do evening critter chores, take shower (I am not kidding. I will seriously need one by this time.), eat dinner, do dishes, and hopefully get to bed.  Most likely I will end up outside raccoon hunting...again.

Today is mild compared to yesterday.  I had lunch at 1 and didn't sit down again until after 10 pm.

If no one hears from me in a while, assume I have farmed myself to death.

At least then I can sleep.


Kevin said...

Or if we dont hear from you.... you got a bit to close to a pissed off coon. They are like attacking zombies afterall. LOL

Country Wife said...

LOL! No kidding! I had one almost crawl into my lap one night when I was sitting outside, very still, just to see how close they would get. The ones around here aren't shy, and will even knock on the door looking for cat food. Now, if they would just leave my garden alone, we'd be fine...but nooooo...