Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I think this has to be the absolute earliest we've ever had peppers, or more than a few beans.  But I got some stuff out earlier this year.  The pepper plants were, admittedly, boughten (as our Amish friends say).  Many of my seed started pepper plants just didn't survive, due to the lack of well as my lack of grow lights...this spring.  I do have a couple dozen that finally germinated, ready to be planted, if I ever get time.

The beans, however, I did grow, from my own saved seed.  I did several plantings. The first planting is producing, and those went into the ground (direct seed) May 15.

The bean plantings were done at least two weeks apart.  I'm really glad. I have a LOT of bean plants, and trying to pick those all at once...well, my spine is thrilled that I didn't do it that way.  I did once...oh, the agony!  I felt like The Little Crooked Woman.  Did I mention these are bush beans?  I love them, since they don't require trellising, but all the bending...I'm not as young as I was... yesterday.

So...on to the pics...

About five pounds of beans. Not bad for the first pick.


Peppers.  Booya!!

The lonely zuke.  This was from a volunteer plant.

We had a nice pasta salad, with pasta, cucumber, and green peppers.  I made the dressing with basil and chives from our garden.  Soooo good!!

All of the produce is from July 3.


Kate said...

Beautiful! I am the farthest thing from a gardener, but I sure love seeing other people's harvests. Enjoy!

Kate (

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Kate!!

Kevin said...

Nice haul... I hope to get some beds made next year for some beans.

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Kevin! Beans are a must around here. I eat them right off the plant. lol