Monday, June 13, 2011


The house is quiet.  Everyone is occupied with something.

I think to myself that this is a great time to grab a snack, plop in front of the pc, pull up my blog, and let out some of those annoying word-bees that have been buzzing in my head all day. 

I log on, snack in hand, and click on the New Post tab.

Little Sis wanders in and shows me her new guinea pig, then proceeds to tell me everything she knows about cavies.  (This could take a while; the kid is an animal encyclopedia.)

Big Sis comes in with Chipmunk in her arms, interrupts Little Sis to ask about Chipmunk's thrush.  Chipmunk smiles and coos and of course ends up in my lap.

Eöl materializes in his chair (No one ever sees him enter or leave a room.  *shrugs*  I married a superhero?  Or maybe a Dark Avenger. *grins*) and just sits quietly until it's his turn to talk. 

In the meantime, the word-bees have fallen asleep in their hive, and I realize I am a very lucky woman.  It's nice to be needed. :)

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