Wednesday, April 13, 2011


  • The weekend was amazing. I actually wore shorts!  In April!! In Ohio!!!!  Guess you have to live here to understand how bizarre yet wonderful it was.  Of course now it's cold, windy, and damp.  Ah, spring in Ohio!

  • I finally got the peas, rutabaga, turnips, and beets planted.  Along with about a zillion flower seeds, which I put into a section of the garden that I'm "resting" from veggie production.  Nothing seems to grow well in that area; if the flowers do well, that will mean more flower seed for next year: lots of calendula, lemon gem marigold, french marigold, and cosmos.

  • The daffodils are blooming; it's time to plant potatoes.  Hopefully, we can get those in the ground within the next week.
  • Getting up at 4:30 a.m.  is NOT fun.
  • Snow in the forecast for the upcoming weekend.  I am sicksicksicksick of snow!!!!
  • This tiny post has taken me three days to finish.  

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