Sunday, January 2, 2011

Too early for spring fever!

Photo by Little Sis

I have spring fever already!! ACK!!  How will I make it through the rest of the cold, snowy, icy, crapsnackity days?

We had a warm front New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  The snow melted.  It rained.  The sun came out.  The birds sang.  Eöl  and I went for long walks in the woods, without coats and snow gear.  We even let one of the wood stoves go cold.

Now it's frigid outside, both fires are blazing, and I'm wishing for spring.

*grump*  I'm going to find a seed catalog and sit by the fire.


Nicole said...

your dreaming of spring & im dreaming of Autumn & Winter
as i sit here this morning it is raining & foggy, they predicted a wet summer & thats fine with me as long as it keeps the heat down

Country Wife said...

I bet it's so pretty there! Did you have a good holiday? It must be lot of fun to have a barbeque at Christmas!