Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

All is quiet here at the farmstead. 

Outside, the snow is falling.  A heavy, wet snow; the kind that sticks to the trees and makes great snowballs.  Eöl and Little Sis have already had the first snowball fight of the season, during the morning chores.

Inside, it's warm and toasty.  Eöl is napping in his favorite chair with his favorite dog.  One of them is snoring, but I think it's the dog.

The girls are off in other parts of the house, napping or working on Christmas lists.  Or maybe designing elaborate Santa traps that involve guillotines and chainsaws (like mother, like daughters).  Whatever they are doing, it's quiet.

My big plans for the day involve laying out my newest quilting project and some basic tidying of the house.  Life in the fast lane, dontcha know.

Hoping your Sunday is a peaceful one.


Anonymous said...

I got sleep I got sleep I GOT SLEEP.

Yes, lazy AWESOME Sunday. I got a baby-free nap. SLEEP. Sleep is awesome.

Snow is falling here too, but it's not very pretty. Just the little wimpy snow that doesn't do anything pretty. Blah.

Country Wife said...

Sleep is awesome! Do you know, I have only been sleeping full nights for about two or three years now? I was in such a habit of getting up and feeding/diapering/checking on little ones, that it took a long time to outgrow it. I think that's something like 20 years without a full night's sleep. I still have catching up to do.

Daclaren said...

The snow photo is beautiful! We finally got a bit of it here, but I'd like to have more. (Famous last words?)

Lazy Sundays are nice! We had one here as well (after a very quick grocery run). We planned to go out today, but the pup had some digestive issues overnight, so I was awake several times to take her outside...and Dave woke up each time we came back to bed.

I'm expecting things to be even lazier once we move to our homestead. For now, with both of us working full-time, we don't have as much time for chillaxing as we'd like.

Nicole said...

i would very much like a wintery christmas but alas its getting hot here [not liking it one bit i can tell ya]
i have not had much time lately as i have gotten a second job so when im not at work im doing house work & washing mmm what i would give for some time off