Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things to do...but no places to go...yay!

Yesterday was all about running.  Get here. Get there.  Do this. Buy that.  Yikes. 

Today is all about getting things done at home.  Actually, the rest of the week, except for one day, is devoted to getting some projects finished, and getting others under way. 

The one I dread the most is cleaning out Little Sis' closet. I've put it off for a year.  I'll probably get a Major Procrastination Award for that one...tomorrow.  But this is the best time of year for it, when I can haul loads and loads of stuff to Toys For Tots.  Assuming I'm not lost in the ensuing avalanche once the doors are opened.  *rolls eyes*

I'm hoping to finish up the ceiling in Big Sis' room today.  At least getting the paper up.  I think I started that project a year ago.  *sigh*  That's how things are on the farmstead, though.  Garden and critters take priority over home improvement projects.  Once I get the paper up, I'll still have to paint the ceiling. *grumble*  I ended up having  to cut the ceiling paper into manageable pieces, rather than full strips that tend to pick up clothes, bedding, my hair, and small animals before being applied to the ceiling.

Is there anything more tedious than ceiling paper?  Oh yeah, painting the ceiling.  Because of the mess.  No matter how much plastic I put down, there will still be paint spatters on everything, including my contact lenses.  I think I'll opt for the full face shield or at least safety glasses this time. 

The wood ash was cleaned out again today.  Little Sis has generously volunteered (read: been ordered) to take over the dusting so I can work on that *&^%% ceiling.  Right now, we're waiting for the ash to settle, and I thought I'd do a post before I was too stiff and tired to bother.

And now I'm off to deal with lunch and that blasted ceiling.  I may be in traction by the end of the week. yikes.

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Nancy said...

Painting is one of my least favorite jobs. And ceilings are the worst. Hope you got it done in a jiffy, with no splatters or sore muscles! :)